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At Promise Physical Therapy, we provide one-on-one care with complete pain-relief and injury-rehabilitation services for all types of patients. You will work with your own dedicated therapist throughout the course of your therapy. You will get to know your therapist, and the relationship that forms will provide you with the confidence that is needed for you to get the most out of your treatment sessions. You should never allow an injury to keep you from participating in the sport(s) that you love. If an injury to the back, neck, shoulder, knee or ankle has kept you on the sidelines, our staff will work to help you heal, rebuild strength, re-gain flexibility and learn how to minimize the chance of re-injury. From high-school football players to weekend warriors, we help all kinds of athletes get back to the sport they love and not only feel better, but also perform their best.

Among the many conditions we treat:

• Back & neck pain

• Shoulder & arm pain

• Leg, hip, knee, ankle & foot pain

• Hand & wrist pain/carpal tunnel syndrome

• Post-Surgical rehabilitation

Our specialty services include:

• Phototherapy

• Back School

• Aquatic Therapy